Camrud, Maddock, Olson & Larson, Ltd. Attorneys at Law - Mediation

Other Private Mediations

Can be done for personal injury, business disputes, will contests, landowner disputes, insurance disputes, employment disputes or other matters

Participants are usually represented by counsel

Participants are usually in separate rooms

Attorneys are asked to send confidential mediation statement to the mediator in advance of mediation outlining facts, strengths, weaknesses, subrogation amounts, parties to attend and settlement discussions to date

The parties may ask to be introduced to one another, but opening statements usually not given

The parties may tell the mediator information not to be shared with the other party

If the case resolves, it is usually summarized in an abbreviated settlement agreement

Sample documents
  1. Letter to counsel
  2. Mediation Agreement
  3. Mediation Summary of Settlement Agreement